Wednesday, 5 December 2012

River Run v1.0.0 Mediafire

Games description: River Rush, Hunter, Fishing, Boat, Park Patrol, Boat, Driving, Water, Rapids
The river is overflowing with fish. Can you catch them all?
Watch out for Mr Speedy and Mr Shark!
Also, make sure you rush the river to gather all the gold.
River Run!! Rush those rivers!
Control your boats speed by swiping the screen. Really easy to control, and some fun music to enjoy for all the family. Swipe and hold to accelerate the boat. You can swipe anywhere, the direction and acceleration is based upon how far you swipe it. Realistic acceleration motion, easy to learn, hard to .
New levels and global leaderboards coming.
Really, the music is great. Whistle while you work!
River Rush, Hunter, Fishing, Boat, Park Patrol, Boat Driver, Driving, Water, Rapids, River Run

Android 2.1 and above
File Size: 17480 KB

Download via Mediafire
Download via Tusfiles

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