Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hello Kitty Coloring Page v1.0.0

Games description: it helps your kids improving their color identifying ability.
This is a cutie style kids coloring game, it helps your kids improving their color identifying ability. You may play it together with your kids to enjoy the ocean of the cartoons. We provide best 0-6 years old kid education and cartoon games for your family, helping keep you and your kids close.
Easy touch, rich interaction. Tap the screen, choose proper color from the left panel and fill it to the right to bring colors to the gray world.
The game can be played repeatly, you can save your favorite scene as the wallpaper or share it with your friends.
Wish you and your kids a good playing.
1. Adorable and cute image style.
2. Help your kids improve their design ability and knowledge.
3. Highly playable by play it repeatly.
4. Set as wallpaper or share with friends.

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 9MB

Download apk Here

Fantasy Adventure v1.0.2

Games description: Pick up your weapon and start the fantasy adventure now!
Lovely acters, abundant battle maps, fancy equipment, multiple skills and items are waiting for you!
# Hold and release to fire.
# Skills and items help you to win battle.
# Enhance your equipment to be stronger.
# Abundant battle maps and weapons.
# More than 50 Achievements to be completed.
# Daily, historical and equipment ts.
# Challenging scenario mode.
Are you the Adventurer on the t?

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 22.6Mb

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Farming Simulator 2012 v1.04

Games description: Play your favorite technical-simulation on your mobile!
Discover a wide, agricultural scenery with fields, roads, your farm as well as a small village. Cultivate your fields with various three dimensional vehicles found in your generous fleet- modeled after original machines and vehicles by prestigious manufacturers. Take a seat at the wheel of authentic farm machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, KRAMPE, AMAZONE, LEMKEN and KOTTE and start your own agricultural enterprise: plow and cultivate your fields, choose the seeds of your field crops out of three plants (corn, canola and wheat) and fertilize them to accelerate their growth. Sell the harvest and invest it into new equipment.
As known from previous installments of the ?Farming Simulator“-series, you will be supported by digital assistants, who take over the work you assign them to. That way you will be able to efficiently organize your farm and maximize your profit.
Explore an open world with a dynamic day-night-cycle and become a successful farmer in the challenging free-play mode.Farming Simulator 2013 ? includes a host of new features and improvements:
In the career mode you play the role of a farmer and experience the varied farming life in a completely new and freely accessible landscape.
The new economy systems with variable corn prices allows you to earn money more strategically and invest in new buildings, vehicles and tools. You have access to over 100 authentic tractors, harvesters and tools of renowned manufacturers.
• Put your favorite simulator into your pocket
• Use a variety of detailed equipment and trailers
• Computer-steered assistants help you with your work
• Career-mode with management-part
• Three different plants: corn, canola and wheat
• Freely accessible world with dynamic day-night-cycle

Android 2.3 and above
File Size: 18.6Mb

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savage knife v1.5

Games description: If you ever have the desire to play with a knife, sticking it in the table between your fingers, the game "Wild knife" is for you.
In this exciting game you can try your skill, but you need to work hard first, at the begining click on the screen, the knife hits the table once and begins its movement to the first finger. The next blow is needed to be kept on, otherwise the knife itself will make a dirty business, hitting a finger. The main difficulty of the game is the unpredictable behavior of the knife. If you will lucky and you get two or three times between one gap, you will get bonuses.

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 2.5Mb

Download apk Here

Xtreme Motocross 2 v1.0.1

Games description: Xtreme Motocross 2 is an outstanding physics-based motocross game. Ride your bike throughout 115 amazing levels in the Coyote Desert, Snowflake Mountain, Big City and Autumn Forest. Touch your screen to accelerate and break and tilt your device to keep you balanced while you enjoy the adrenaline of jumping off from cliffs and ramps. Try to reach the finish line in one piece, but if the worst happens, lean back and watch as your rider breaks most of his bones.
Xtreme Motocross 2 is an outstanding physics-based motocross game. Ride your bike throughout 115 amazing levels in the Coyote Desert, Snowflake Mountain, Big City and Autumn Forest. Touch your screen to accelerate and break and tilt your device to keep you balanced while you enjoy the adrenaline of jumping off from cliffs and ramps. Try to reach the finish line in one piece, but if the worst happens, lean back and watch as your rider breaks most of his bones.

Android 2.1 and above
File Size: 11.4Mb

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

ExZeus 2 v1.3

Games description: ExZeus2, sequel of the fast paced 3D Shooting Game "ExZeus", comes to Android.
The next Generation of Mobile 3D Shooting Game is here !!! ExZeus2, sequel of the acclaimed fast paced 3D Shooting Game "ExZeus", finally comes to Android.
2217 CE. Over one century has passed since the battle against the alien war machines.
Earth has returned to peace and the name of Diadora is now nothing more than a dim memory.
Not many remember the ExZeus project and the robots who saved the planet from darkness.
But a new menace from above was about to break the peace.
There was only one way to er this menace and restore hope: reopen the "ExZeus" project.
The 3 former metal warriors who saved our planet were thus fused to give birth to a new powerful model of robot, Minos.
■Features :
・Amazing 3D graphics and Sound.
・Impressive super attacks.
・New elements of gameplay: shoot enemies in the air or fight them on the ground in close combat sequences.
・Earn experience points based on your skills.
・Upgrade and customize your own robot.
・Gyro, Virtual Pad and External USB Controller .
・Online ranking.
・Realtime Worldwide Leaderboard.
・Optimized for NVIDIA? Tegra? devices.
- You need a SDCARD with at least 200MB of free space.
- A High-End device powered by Nvidia Tegra is highly recommended for the ultimate gaming experience.

Android 2.3 and above
File Size: 6.8Mb
Data Size: 132.7Mb

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Download Data Here

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ever Blood Lite v1.0

Games description: most funny beatiful action game!
Kill zombies and monsters! Let the crystal ball to keep running! Way to protect your city! And
you will be hero!

Android 2.0.1 and above
File Size: 22.9Mb

Download apk Here

TightRope Walker v1.0

Games description: TightRope Walker 3D
Android platform, the first to take the cable type 3D game!
Walking a tightrope Master 3D is a thrilling and exciting action game
Rely on your cell phone, you need to keep the body balanced,
Continued stable went destination
Along the way there will be many organs and squally obstruct your balance
Be careful!!! Accidentally falls from a tall building
But will be miserable!
Like friends challenge game! Come and challenge it!
Merry Christmas

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 10.2Mb

Download apk Here

Friday, 21 December 2012

Planet Wars v1.34

Games description: Planet Wars is a top-down alien shooter with unique hand-drawn graphics, exciting action & strategy gameplay and completely customisable weapons!

Android 2.3 and above
File Size: 18.1Mb

Download apk Here

Deadly Chambers HD v1.0l

Games description: Battle your way through 5 unique levels in this epic Android 3D Shooter! Battle your way through 5 unique levels of baddies and bosses and unlock an arsenal of weapons and achievements in this High-Def 3D Over-The-Shoulder shooter. This is the High-Def version and will only run well on high-end devices, such as the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S and others with high-end graphics processors. If you are unsure of which version of Deadly Chambers to download or this one does not perform well for you, please get the standard version instead.

Android 1.5 and above
File Size: 10.9Mb

Download apk Here

Sky Aces v1.0

Games description: Become one of the air aces of the WWI. Help allies to end a brutal and never-ending war. Join us! Prove youre the best of the air aces! Be ready to : • Immerse yourself in a stylish gaming world • Complete many exciting missions • Fly different combat aircrafts • Put your skills to a test with numerous achievements • Spend a lot of battles with the aces of the world • Immortalize your results in the game world Tags : airplane, biplane, triplane, flight, simulator, combat, battle, history, world war, bomb, multiplayer

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 18Mb

Download apk here

SpinningTop Survival v1.0.1

SpinningTop Survival 3D lets you play the classic spinning top toy in a never ending quest to survive: All in stunning HD graphics and guaranteed to keep you playing for hours!
Use the precise and intuitive controls to accurately steer its physics-based movements through an endless world of adventures. Demonstrate your ability to control your toy, but obstacles and other surprises won’t make it easy for you! Be quick to collect the yellow diamonds before you run out of energy or try and find one of the secret energy sources...
• Steer around moving objects and hurdles which try to bring you off your path
• Sometimes only the teleporters can put you back on your way...
• Try to collect the yellow diamonds: But be aware! Your energy supply doesn’t last forever
• Improve your skills and attempt to beat the high scores!

Android 2.0.1 and above
File Size: 13.8Mb

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Star Defender 4 v1.84.0 APK

Games description: Who can dare to confront numerous hordes of Inserctus and to protect the native Galaxy? What do the Black Holes hide inside them and where do they lead? To answer these questions one should become a hero of Star Defender 4 game who is brave and strong enough to break this dark silence. Humanity has nothing to do but to keep their faith and believe that their first pilot will be able to complete his mission and come back home safe and sound. Hold your breath…

You’ll be dazzled by splendidly craft graphics and music. Face tons of enemies with a unique style of behavior and new ways of attacking in Star Defender 4. Use new Star Defender 4 weapons: machine-gun, saw, flame thrower, acid bomb and cutter! And also the best weapons from the previous game: parasitron, lasers, infector, ball lightning, missiles, homing laser and barriers! Blast through more than 100 levels, 8 original missions and of course huge impressive Bosses in the end of every mission!

If you want to feel as you were the Intergalactic Disinfector Number 1 who craves for taking vengeance on that disgusting annoying insects… If you long for the real war - then Star Defender 4 is for you!

  • A wide array of alien spacecrafts
  • 8 large missions with a huge Boss at the end of each
  • A system of bonuses to keep the game going, including Time-Freeze, Missile Strike, Immortality and others
  • New Star Defender 4 unique weapons
  • More than 100 gripping levels
Android 4.2 and above
File Size: 43Mb

Download apk Here

Shae - Sayang 1080p HD

click image to view full size

Title: Sayang
Artist: Shae
Bit rate: 5090 Kbps
File Format: Mp4 1080p HD
File Size: 147Mb

Cognitile v1.1

Games description: An ambitious re-imagining of the Puzzle/Maze genre.
Cognitile throws you, a budding adventurer on a tile-based journey! Use the power of Cog Vision to watch the sequence of hazards at the beginning of a level and then carve a safe path through the mayhem by memory to find the hidden treasure. Make one mistake and you could fall down a crumbling tile, find yourself poisoned or engulfed in flames, get crushed by a boulder or attacked by snakes (whyd it have to be snakes!).
The game doesnt end when youve solved the 60 official levels. Enter the Workshop to build your own levels and play levels that other community members have shared. Our powerful and easy to use level builder puts the very same tools our developers used to make the official levels in your hands.
Hardware Notice:
We can only recommend playing Cognitile on modern Android devices that can typically play new games well. If your device is older you may notice framerate drops or crashing on boot-up. One of our top priorities moving forward is extending compatibility to legacy devices as best as possible.

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 46.5Mb

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Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble 1080p HD

click image to view full size

Artist: Taylor Swift
Title: I Knew You Were Thouble
File Format: Mp4 1080p HD
Bit rate: 2 089 Kbps
File Size: 97.3Mb

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Left Lane Looey Rage Race FREE  v1.2.50

Games description: Left Lane Looey Road Rage Racing is a speed racing frozen chicken delivery truck driver with Road Rage issues that gets crazy angry with morons who coast in the left lane. Drive fast and race past cars and trucks, or use weapons to blast them out of your way. Deliver chickens before they melt and before you lose your cool and your head explodes. Left Lane Looey puts a whole new spin on racing apps, using bizarre acters and a fun-filled storyline that makes the game as much about laughing as it is about getting to the next level.

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 34Mb

Download apk Here