Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Politician: The Game v1.0

Games description: Extremely exhilarating and engaging. Move the politician by tilting the device! Do not judge this game by its cover! Try it out for yourself! From Reddit and Google Play reviews: "Strangely addicting" "Similar appeal to snake - instead of getting too big, you have to make sure you dont build up too many coins" "Gameplay is excellent, liked the option to calibrate the accelerometer." "Amazing game! Addictive like hell!!!" "I almost got 10,000! Cool game." "Cant describe the experience with words, its much more fun than it looks" WARNING: This is NOT another boring, easy snakes clone! Get ready to become incredibly wealthy! Stand in the shoes of a real (pink-shirted, fat) politician! Collect fast-spawning coins and use special items to gain superpowers, all while dodging bombs! It seems hard at first but after a few tries it feels very natural. After 15 minutes, youll be addicted and trying to break your friends high scores! ALSO FOR TABLETS! Features: Fun gameplay! Awesome music! Break High Scores by collecting the most coins! 5 Difficulty Levels! 4 Different powerups to ! Forever FREE! Coming soon: Multiplayer mode More powerful special items Keywords: game for tablet, free game, politician game, addictive, get rich avoid explosives

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 10.4Mb

Download apk Here

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