Saturday, 15 December 2012

BATTLE SUBS: MineField v1.0

Games description: "The dark atmosphere really gets your adrenaline going!!"
-Brad C- Corralitos, CA
"Lots of gameplay inside this app"
-Jeremy V- El Paso, TX
"Dive in, you wont be sorry!"
-Halie L- Miami, FL
ENTER THE DEPTHS in the newest dark action adventure app, BATTLE SUBS: Minefield. Search the darkest, deepest ocean canyons for Enemy Mines, Hostile Outposts, and Ammo Caches. Navigate your state of the art submarine through a twisting labyrinth of underwater mazes. Be careful not to smash up your ship along the jagged rock walls or youll be calling the sea floor your personal graveyard!
Pro Features:
-15 amazing levels
-Responsive Dual Analog-style touch controls
A note about feedback:
We strive to make affordable and fun apps that everyone can use. We appreciate all our users positive and constructive comments and we do our best to incorporate your requests into future s. So please, if you feel that we could improve this app in some way, please contact us and let us know. Thanks!

Android 1.6 and above
File Size: 13.8Mb

Download apk Here

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