Sunday, 16 December 2012

Boardtastic Skateboarding v1.0

Games description: Skate your way to the top and earn your rep as a true pro skater! You’ll the halfpipe, getting more air and doing better tricks with every pass. Stunning 3D graphics will make you feel the rush of nailing a 900 double heelflip from 15 feet in the air. “This game is so good I thought I could skateboard for real! Then I tried and hurt myself. Now I’m in the hospital and hooked on the game all over again!” - Tony **** Features **** *Advanced 3D game engine *15 different skate decks to earn, customize, and power up *Tons of upgrades including trucks, wheels, bearings, and more *Over 30 epic tricks to *Customize your clothing and earn bonuses for your style *Several skate parks around the world to dominate Multiplayer coming very soon, so level up now and crush your friends when the real competition heats up!

Android 1.5 and above
File Size: 46.6Mb

Download apk Here

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