Tuesday, 18 December 2012

WordsNBlox v1.0.4

Games description: Challenge your friends to show them who?s the king or queen of Words’N’Blox!
* Explore more than 200 different levels in single-player mode
* Play against your friends in the on-line challenge mode
* Play with 1, 3 or 5 rounds
* Use the Optimal Path or Next Letter hints to gain an advantage when playing
* No need for a constant wi-fi connection, you can play the single-player mode when offline, perfect for those train or bus rides to work!
* 5 different worlds to explore, which will be your favourite?
* Over 30,000 randomized words for each language!
* Play against random opponents
* Push notifications that notifies you when it?s your turn
* Simple and intuitive controls
WordsNBlox is your new favourite casual puzzle and word game! Challenge your friends, or play on your own. Find the optimal path in cleverly designed levels to reveal the hidden words. Navigate through 5 exciting worlds, ranging from a Jungle Adventure theme through to a Space Craze theme, theres lots to explore! Its superfun to solve the various words and blocks!
WordsNBlox is an addictive word puzzle game; its easy to play; but hard to put down!
Game play is simple: You identify the words for each of the levels, then drag the various blox across the available path to place the words and blox in the correct position. How quickly are you able to find the Optimal Path in the level maze?
You can choose to play alone in order to perfect your skills, then go online and play against your friends, and people from all over the world.
Can you complete all the levels? You can even show your friends when you the various levels by connecting with Facebook!
WordsNBlox is free!
* English (UK)
* English (US)
* Norwegian
* Swedish
* Danish
* German
* French
* Spanish
* Italian
* Japanese

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 32.9Mb

Download apk Here

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