Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Champion Go Crazy Stone v1.0.2

Games description: Champion Go ~Crazy Stone~
Champion Go is a Go (also called as Igo, Baduk or Weiqi) game,
using Crazy Stone.

Crazy Stone is a popularly known Go engine, based on the Monte-Carlo evaluation technique,
combined with tree search, and has achieved 4d at KGS* rating.
We have optimized this particular version for the Android.
*KGS???Internet Go game site played by Go fans all over the world
Champion Go is a Go application from beginner to expert!
■ Medal challenge mode
Champion Go has 2 game modes, Normal game & Medal challenge.
In Medal challenge, there are 150 different levels of play
set by combination of COM level, handicap & board size.
You can win medals by defeating computer under the specified conditions.
Why dont you challenge to collect all the medals!
■ Friendly 3 input methods
There are 3 options of input methods (Zoom, Cursor & Touch).
■ Helpful Game record features
You can view full game history in the game record and restart game from the ed move,
which should help reviewing your game.
Various Game record features should be practical for improving your Go.
■ Other Features
・Human vs Computer, Human vs Human(sharing a single device)
・3 types of board size (9x9,13x13,19x19)
・Handicap games, variable options of komi
・Hint (suggest)
・Instant Undo (available even when the computer is thinking)
・Automatic territory calculation
・Suspend/Re-start (in game)
・Save/Load game record
・Send game record (sgf-file) by e-mail
・Automatic and manual replay of a game record
・Byoyomi(time limit) settings (only for human)
・Atari warnig
・Highlight the last move
※ In medal challenge mode, some features related with game record and hints are not available.
Also Undo is limited to the recent move you made(2 consecutive Undos can not be made).

Android 2.1 and above
File Size: 9.8Mb

Download apk Here

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