Saturday, 8 December 2012

Polygone v1.3

Games description: Destroy your monochrome enemies by navigating through their missing sides and releasing the color they hold in their center! Polygone is a new, addictive, arcade-style game in which you gain points by maneuvering through a world of random shapes as they move and rotate around, all the while collecting power-ups to assist you. The rules are simple: dont touch the outside of the shapes, or youll get hurt. Get hurt three times, you lose a life. Lose all three lives, its game over! The more points you score, the more populated and dangerous the world becomes, so make your choices wisely!
More power-ups for this mode are in development, along with many other game modes, including time trials and mazes that get more complex over time. All of these will be made available as s.
If you have any features you would like to see implemented, or notice any bugs, dont hesitate to contact me!

Android 2.1 and above
File Size: 5.2Mb

Download apk here

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