Thursday, 1 November 2012

rhinomite v1.0.2

Games description: Non violent superhero fun for all!
Rhinomite responds to less requests from parents and teachers who have been searching childrens superhero games that engage a childs quest for adventure, yet does so in a non-violent manner. This special game is designed for the whole family.
The acter of Rhinomite is an absurdly heroic figure who offers children the drama of creating fanciful costumes, the exhilaration of pretending to fly, and the challenge of avoiding obstacles in this bustling city setting.
This games focuses on spatial prepositions such as Over, Under, Beneath, Around and Through which are important to early language learning, and later investigations in mathematics and physics. In Rhinomite these words are showcased in a style inspired by the flare of classic comic book superheroes.
We also display pertinent numerical information as points are earned or traded in for costumes.
Rhinomite is an open-ended game of flight and flexibility, that allows players to bring their own scenarios of sleuthing, mystery and intrigue to this imaginative setting. We supply the costumes, the challenge and the magic, but the child will supply the tale. We hope your budding young authors will create interesting motivations, conflicts, and triumphs for our fresh new acter we call Rhinomite!
- There are no images of weaponry in this super-drama.
- Equal values of ten points per coin was chosen for those who are learning to by tens.
- Subtraction equations are displayed for young players as their points are earned and used for new costume parts.
- During game-play the upper-left corner of your touchscreen was intentionally chosen as the location for written words, since orienting children to that specific corner, as a starting place for text, has value in English literacy.
Families and teachers discussing Rhinomite with children may want to include topics and terms such as: tenacity, resiliency, ing by ten, multiples of ten, adding, subtracting, practice, prepositions, and TRY AGAIN...just like Rhinomite!
U.S. Common Core Standards:
- (K.L.1e) Language Arts standards, beginning at the kindergarten level, include the use of frequently occurring prepositions and continue to be important over the years of ones language development.
- (1.NBT.6) Adding and subtracting in multiples of ten begins being introduced in U.S. Common Core Standards in mathematics beginning in 1st grade.
I hope you enjoy Rhinomite!

Android 2.0 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 23mb

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