Friday, 23 November 2012

Alberi Plus v1.0.4.4

Games description: Introducing Alberi: eventually the best puzzle game of 2010 made its way to Android.
This original puzzle game, designed by the Italian Giorgio Dendi, quickly has become the most loved game amongst the readers of Italians easily most popular logic publication: "Focus Brain Trainer".
The games mechanics are loosely based on the classic logic puzzle of the 8 queens but, despite its simplicity, the game is definitely very (we mean really, really very) challenging: hours of brain-melting puzzles awaits you.
There are only 4 very simple rules but its gonna be hellish to fully abide all of em:
Every zone must have a tree.
Every row must have a tree.
Every column must have a tree.
Two trees cannot occupy adjacent tyles (even not diagonally adjacent).
Morevoer the game features super advanced levels: the fun is doubled with two trees per zone/row/column!
Features :
Dangerously addictive gameplay.
Beautiful user interface.
Best times are recorded: challenge yourself and your friends!
More than 200 levels of any difficulty: for beginners and veterans.
OpenFeint support with more than 50 achievements and almost 800 points!
Import your completed levels and records from the free version
Includes a quick tutorial to get you started in seconds!
Includes also an advanced tutorial to help you all the levels in the game.
Secret levels of all the difficulties must be unlocked.

Android 2.1 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 2.6Mb

Download Here

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