Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Greek Mythology Saga v1.0.0

Games description: A great defense game on Google Play, join the adventure!
PLEASE NOTE: Greek Mythology Saga is free to play, but it ges real money for additional in-app contents.
A long time ago, when gods, humans and other magical creatures co-exist with each other, the Earth is at peace. The Universe and all its components are in great alignment and harmony. Then the inhabitants of the Underworld have decided to take over the Earth and the Heavens. Peace and harmony were undoubtedly disrupted. Chaos and turmoil were brought out by the army of darkness led by Cronus and his thirst for vengeance against Zeus and the gods. Play Zeus and lead your army as your team clashes against Cronus and his evil minions in an epic battle of good and evil in Greek Mythology Saga. Do not let evil lord over the Heavens and the Earth. Who will reign victorious? Will the peace and order be restored?
1. The game can be played in Adventure Mode, Mini Game mode, Survival Mode and Nightmare Mode. The player should give full play to their arranged intellectual formation, but also can use the skills attack the enemy defense.
2. Rich mythological story: Every battle in-game is based on the epic Greek Mythology. Play the game to relive the mystical days of enchanting gods and creatures.
3. Fantastic skill casting effects: Elemental skills based on: wind, rain, thunder and electricity. Four types of extreme weather are combined with the ultimate mystery of the four types of combat skills.
4. Generous points system: The game is designed to have 3 different difficulty levels: Adventure Mode is easy; Survival Mode is normal, Nightmare Mode is super difficult. Theres an adventure for every gamer!
5. Exploits evaluation system: According the games combat settings, the outcomes may vary. Great players will be awarded the Medal of Honor

Android 2.2 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 49.7Mb

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