Sunday, 25 November 2012

SkyFrontier 3D v1.6

Games description: Steer your space vehicle along the courses, jumping and avoiding blocks.
SkyFrontier 3D is a game exclusive for Android, based on the 1993 classic for PC, SkyRoads (Bluemoon). Other similar games are tasty static, orbit hopper, HiRoads and some tunnel games.
::SkyFrontier 3D is FREE with ads! Please read the description for detailed permissions.
Steer your space vehicle along the courses, floating through space, jumping and avoiding blocks. Use your reflexes and timing to get safely to your destiny, from Earth to Gliese 581c.
The game features 3D graphics, nice musics and sound effects, 3 dificulty levels, support to SD, 10 different zones, 80 levels spread over two game modes (with different ending scenes), two control options (sensor controls and on-screen controls), a casual mode for scores, and a Level Editor.
SkyFrontier 3D is integrated with TapJoy, you can release all levels of the game for FREE (seeing ads). If you dont want ads, the game supports Google Play In-app Billing, where you can easily upgrade to full version without ads.

Android 2.1 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 7.9Mb

Download Here

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