Thursday, 1 November 2012

Crazy Worms v1.0

Games description: The delays and the hours will not be boring anymore.
CrazyWorms. Creating to escape the hours of boredom or delays, the game come to spend the time more fun.
CrazyWorms a simple game to be played, it is far from being a revolutionary game because this is not their purpose.
Its purpose is to casual games. It is extremely easy to be played by any player.
The objective of the development of CrazyWorms, is for moments of boredom when theres nothing to do to pass the time more fun. So we created the CrazyWorms aiming to be a game to pass the time, like if youre on the train, Out of Work, or even waiting for someone in queue of the Cinema, Market or Bank.
So we leave two versions of the game available to be downloaded, one is the Free the other is the FULL,below follows the manual of the game. Download and Have a nice fun.
In HighScore the objective is simple, it you have three playable levels, Normal, Medium, Hard.
In Normal, the player has the freedom to go freely scoring points, points are scored for each Worm crushed, the player should also be aware that the bombs are scattered on the set, every time it is played the player loses some percentage of points and BadWorm also crushed the game restarts saving the points for giving the player freedom to challenge someone to score more points than he won.
In the Medium, follow the same pattern, Some obstacles added in the set, which causes the same consequences of BadWorms, if be crushed.
In Hard, the pattern also does not escape the objective of the game, it is added a Timer to the player complete the game, after completing the level restarts and saving the points earned.
In StarGame the player has the job of taking care of a plantation of watermelons, that is disrupted by mutant worms.
The mission is simple, the game has 16 Levels, in the first level you have to score 100 points to go to the next level, when it is in the next level in order to pass to another level the player will have to scoring more points than the previous level, and the same will be valid for other levels. "Points marked earlier is seen in the LastScore box .
Note: When the game progresses the levels become more difficult, the worms begin to change positions randomlycomplicating the player to smash them, is added BadWorms which has the function when is crushed make the player lose all point causing the restart the current level or depending on the level BadWorm eliminates a point of your life "if the lives finish the current level is restarted." The game will have more levels in future s. Only for FULL versions
CrazyWorms: Smash them to earn points.
BadWorms: When crushed the current level is restarted, depending on the level the player only loses a life "if lives finish, the current level is restarted"
Watermelons: When crushed the current level is restarted, depending on the level the player have a certain number accepted by Farmer to loss the watermelons.
Bomb: When touched the player loses a certain number of points earned.

Android 2.0.1 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 26mb

Download here

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