Monday, 19 November 2012

ROLL MEOW OUT v01.01.00

Games description: The cat is laying around again.
Hm? He cant get out! Can you help him?
Its a puzzle game full of cats to pet & roll!
-(*ΦωΦ)The World of "ROLL MEOW OUT"
The cat is laying around again.
How peaceful...
Hm? You cant get out?
Youre just too lazy to move, right?
Oh well, fine then...
Can you help me out?
Sorry for all the cats!
-(*ΦωΦ)"ROLL MEOW OUT" Features
●A cat-filled puzzle for cat lovers
Theyre so cute! But so lazy!!
Rub the cats tummy to roll it in this puzzle.
Pet and roll as much as you like!
●Theyll really wind you up...
There are 60 puzzle stages.
So they wind you up 60 times...
Sorry for always being so lazy!
●An Amazing Cat Puzzle for Lovers of Both!
Shift, Japans famous puzzle game developer
has made this "relaxed puzzle game"
with all their cat lovers.
If you love puzzles, or if you love cats,
try rolling them around in your free time.
●"PANKIA" Compatible
Compatible with "PANKIA", the network service
for linking achievements to Facebook/twitter
Please dont tell anyone that we used it because
the icon looks sort of like a meatball.
-(*ΦωΦ)"ROLL MEOW OUT" Plans
We plan to release extra stages and
s for cat lovers from here on.

Android 2.2 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 23.3Mb

Download Here

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