Sunday, 4 November 2012

Freak Tower v1.2.0

Games description: New sensation tower business game has come!
Lets build the greatest tower of the world!
Its the first monster hunting tower game of the world.
New sensation tower business game has come!

What is Freak Tower?
You are the owner of tower, and do tower business with game acters.
Monster huntings, which are secret business help tower business, and it allows taller tower effectively.

□■Tremendous game acters are available!■□
・You can have 240 of very pretty game acters!
・More game acters enable to better tower business and effective to defeat monsters!
・Many funny events occur on floors such as fighting game acters, playing Ninja, and so on.
・Game acters can their clothes and accessory. Try to dress up what you like!
□■Running business simulation tower game!■□
・When commercial floor is built, you can stock or sell products of floor, and just wait.
・Arrange game acters to appropriate floors for effective tower business.
・There are 320 different kinds of products to sell, and make more coins!
□■Monster huntings! Hot battle!■□
・Game acters who work in commercial floors attack monsters with throwing floor products.
・No heavy controls are required! Monster huntings are very simple but profound battle!
・When you defeat monsters, hidden items, which are called FREAKY goods, and floor upgrade tickets will be given.
□■Play and share with your friends!■□
・You can hire your Twitter and Facebook friends as game acters!
・Compete with your friends tower floors, and share your towers!

Android 2.2 and above
File Format: apk
File size: 32mb

Download here

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