Friday, 16 November 2012

Darts Master v1.1.0

Games description: In the game, you can have feel of flying with arrows by controlling their orientations, collecting golds on the way and finally hitting the bullseye to get high score. You can also compete with other archer s via our global ranking system.
The game has rich gameplay including four modes. Each mode has changeable wind so you have to adjust the accelerometer control accordingly. Some targets can move leftwards or rightwards, you need to pay attention to it. Fortunately, we give you 5 trial times for each mode except the "Bullseye Expert" mode and using the skills wisely can double your score up!
1. Easy mode allows you to collect the gold readily in the sky. You can use "Speed Up" skill to avoid wind effects or "Slow Down" skill to target the bullseye accurately.
2. Avoidance Mode asks you to prevent from hitting the shields in the battle-field and hit the "Enemy" target. You can use "Shield" skill or "Slow Down" skill in the mode.
3. Multi-ring Mode allows you to cross the ring obstacles consecutively in the Chinese Great Wall and hit the target finally. You can use "Double Arrow" skill to create an extra arrow for enhancing the probability of "Ring Crossings". "Slow down" skill is also available in this mode.
4. The most challengeable mode is "Bullseye Expert" mode, you need to control the arrows orientation accurately in the virtual dark corridor in order to hit the bullseye. You have no skill to use in this mode. You have to hit the bullseye for each flying arrow in order to continue the game. It is the mode for real Archer Masters!
Addition modes are coming soon…

Android 2.2 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 6.6Mb

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