Wednesday, 7 November 2012

CRISIS 2150 Beta V 1.04

Earth is on the brink of its largest calamity. Play Crisis2150 for free now!
A.D 2150, Unidentified Invaders arrives at the edge of the solar system. Several human colonies and installations around the solar system were destroyed as the invaders raze obstacles on their way towards Earth signalling their hostile intentions. The remaining forces from Earth and surviving installations scrambled to retaliate as they face humanity largest crisis...
CRISIS.2150 is a 3D arcade side scrolling shooter drawing ideas from classics such as Gradius and Thunderforce series. Clear missions to unlock weapons. Equip up to 2 additional weapons at the start of each mission. Select your arsenal wisely, as the unique characteristic of each weapon can make or break the mission.
Please note the game is still WIP, more content will be release soon.
Key Features:
* 3D Arcade Side Scrolling Shooter
* 5 Missions(More coming soon)
* 5 Different Weapons(More Coming Soon)
* 3 Difficulties
* Over 30 kind of Enemies(More Coming Soon)
Developer Note:
Performance for Crisis2150 have been tested on the following devices.
* Nexus 7 (No issues observed)
* Samsung Galaxy Nexus (No issues observed)
* Motorola Xoom (Some Textures appeared washed out)
* Samsung Galaxy SuperClear LCD( Slow down)
** Please email me about performance issues you face on your devices for the game.

Android 2.2 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 31Mb

Download Free here
Download At Google Play

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