Friday, 4 January 2013

ZombieBooth v4.05

Games description: From a single portrait photo, you can instantly create an interactive zombie that will react to your tapping and swiping gestures and it will even try to bite your finger when you tap close to his mouth. If you shake the phone it will transform into different zombies. You can use your camera to take a photo directly from the app or by ing a photo from your gallery. And thats all- it does nothing else. Its an interesting app for showing off in front of your friends, but after zombifying three or four of them, youll be fed up. We found it a bit annoying that when you tap on the "back" button, it brings you back to the app drawer. Its a bug that really needs to be solved. Were also missing more sharing options (via Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, etc.) as well as more swiping gestures. ZombieBooth has been created by MotionPortrait, Inc. an emerging developer focused on the development of photo-related apps. For us, ZombieBooth is just another one of those apps that’s "good to see" or "fun for a while". Once youve tried it a few times, you wont find it funny anymore.

Android 2.2.1 and above
File Size: 29Mb

Download apk Here

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