Wednesday, 9 January 2013

HellyBelly (Official) v1.1 APK

It's do or die! Desperate adventure to reach the bathroom, Helly Belly!!! Enjoy the ultimate thrill of life or death.

Synopsis - You are on your way to work…and a sudden stomach attack ensues! Now Mr. Poo's destiny is entirely up to you. Run for the bathroom!!
Gameplay - Dodge all enemies and collect a toilet roll on the way to safely guide Mr. Poo to the toilet - Upgrade various items to increase Mr. Poo's survivability - Overcome dangerous moments with the power of new characters!
Customer Support - Data cannot be restored once you delete the application, so please be careful. # The free event is for limited-time only.
Androind 2.3 and above
File Size: 8.15mb
Data Size: 48.2mb


  1. knp apa? ada masalah ke? haa sy tukar yg baru la.. mcm x menarik kn

  2. comel, lucu,,haha, nice posting