Friday, 4 January 2013

Four Days:World Defense  v1.2.1

Games description: Four Days comes to bring some fresh breeze to tower defense genre. It comes with 3D graphics, which are still pretty rare, and you are able to zoom in on by pinching out, which is appreciated. Flat truth is that there arent as many kinds of towers as wed like and stages and even game itself is quite limited. Its technically well done and its absolutely enjoyable, but far from a discoverment. There are tech points and coins to upgrade your skills and towers, and you have to be ready to face both ground and air attacks. An annoying flaw is that you have to leave the game and force close it manually. Anyway, a good defense game, suited for defense-gamers looking for more of the same or noobs to the genre. It should be highlighted, through, that difficulty curve allows to play nearly all -if not all- stages without needing to purchase premium weapons. You can do it, of course, to boost your prowess and help the developer, but there is no need to do so

Android 2.2 and above
File Size: 42.4Mb

Download apk Here

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