Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ricochet Assassin v1.7

Games description: This game is for those who need relaxation
Need a free game fix? I’m not talking about those annoying "freemium" games that make you pay as you go. I’m talking full iOS game that is marked down temporarily to free to boost downloads - Ricochet Assassin game, , available on the App Store. Now you can go through all puzzle levels (as many as 99) for free.
In Ricochet Assassin, your acter planted himself in lower left corner of the screen - you have only a gun and your intelligence against a dispersion of ruthless blackshirts, which are carefully placed in the area before you. At the beginning of the game there are few of them, but with every past stage, the levels become more difficult - and now the whole crowd is against you! Of course, you will get a better protection, but need more skill and dexterity to overcome the enemies. Bullets with a triple ge, small bombs, which will break all these terrible fascists - youll feel like a hero, who cleans the world of all the evil.
The fun part is that your bullets ricochet off the walls and platforms. And since many blackshirts are tucked away out of your direct line of sight, youll have to think geometrically to make the bullets ricochet into all of the enemies. The catch is that you get a limited number of bullets in each stage.
When youve cleared a stage, you get bonus points for each bullet left in your gun.
The first levels may seem pretty easy. One or two shots and you passed the round! But we should not deceive ourselves, its just the beginning, then you’ll have to accurately calculate every move and the trajectory of each bullet.
This game is for those who need relaxation. Your acter promises unforgettable experience and enjoy from the victory.
So, good luck! Have fun!☺

Android 2.0.1 and above
File Format: apk
File Size: 16MB

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