Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hyper Grav Android Game


Hyper Grav is a physics-based cerebral action game in the same vein as 'Thrust', 'Lunar Lander' and 'Graviton'.

Mercenaries have staged a bold attack and taken captive your beloved sacred symbol, The Arc. The nearest reinforcement is too far away to arrive in time. You are the only hope of rescue before The Arc is traded away.

Spies have informed you that The Arc have been divided into pieces and stored in various caverns in the star system awaiting re-assembly and delivery to your mortal enemy, The Weavers.

As the freelance commander of the DSS-Flyer, you have been given the fly-In/fly-Out rescue mission. Expect to use Every ounce of your intelligence and dexterity.

* Race against time in your bid to rescue the Arc
* Fight gravity and the enemy as you pilot your way through the trap laden caverns.
* Think on your feet and choose the right path. Face deviously timed enemy reinforcements, take advantage of boost pads, and maneuver around electrified obstacles to claim the Arc.
* 12 progressively challenging and distinct levels will keep you on your toes while providing ample time to master the intuitive controls
* Individual level based ranking and scoring system
* Immersive stereophonic aural experience which will draw you deeper into the action 
 File Size: 39mb
Android 2.2 and Above
File Format: apk

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