Friday, 1 February 2013

Haunted Graves v1.0 APK

This app is one of many games and tools coming from Fuzzywhite Hawes (FWH). FWH is a collaboration between reality TV star Jason Hawes of TAPS and Fuzzywhite Technology.
Haunted Graves is a highly addicting ghost hunting game for all ages.

Something is just not right in this cemetery. The ghosts do not want to stay dead. You can help by dragging them back to their graves before they escape. Be especially careful of the green banshees. They will suck out your health much faster than the other ghosts. If you can survive long enough and send enough ghosts back to their graves, you will be rewarded with a one use ghost blaster weapon to eliminate all the ghosts on the screen at once. Use it wisely, as it may be your only chance to survive. Happy ghost hunting!

Android 2.3 and above
File Size: 28Mb

Download apk Free Here

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