Friday, 31 August 2012

Dragon Hunter v1.0 Android Game

Requirement: Android 2.1 and Up
Size: 7472 KB


Want to be a dragon hunter? Challenge this wonderful tower defense game. Attack dragons to guard your castle. More powerful arrow, Refined crab boss and More levels.

How to play:
* shoot arrows by moving your fingers on the screen.
* earn coins when kill dragons.
* collect food use your boat after dragon dead.
* use coins to upgrade your arrow, magic power and other property.
* repair your castle with your repairman
* use your mages to kill them all.

Enjoy the direct APK download now !

* Weapons like arrow,poison arrow and dizzy arrow. increase your arrow power and arrow numbers.
* Repairman that repair your wounded castle. use coins to recruit more repairman to speed up.
* Food, Coins and Hunters. hunters will consume food every stage and game over if food not enough.
* Magic like Fire mage, Ice mage, Wind mage and light mage, increase your magic power.
* Boss with 3 different weapon and magic.

Download here for mediafire

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